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We love our Injecta-Dry system. We use these for areas that are stubborn to dry out. We use a fan, the Injecta-Dry system then create a closed environment by using plastic in order to dry out an area that seems to be giving our standard equipment some trouble.


Storm Prep

Preparing for a hurricane is an intense process for us here at SERVPRO of Bellaire. We take inventory or our equipment along with cleaning, sanitizing and staging it all as well. We want to be prepared for the influx of activity should it arise. Being prepared is critical in the time of any storm as we want to have the personal on standby and the supplies and equipment ready to go at a moments notice. Call us at 713-266-9294 for any storm related damage!

Water Damage, airmovers

New Construction Disaster

After a new construction home flooded in two places SERVPRO of Bellaire was ready with hundreds of pieces of equpment to get it dried out quickly and have the builder back on their way to completing the home! "Faster to any size disaster".

House under tree

Giving Back

A local non-profit reached out to us looking for some preventative pathogen cleaning pricing. We took their information and promptly refused payment and told them we would be happy to provide the services at no charge. They had no confirmed cases and followed CDC guidelines to the letter, they just had a lot of foot traffic. Remember SERVPRO of Bellaire is part of the community. We not only work here, but we also live here and raise our families here too. We are proud and honored to be able to give back to our community!


Heat Drymatic System

Drying wood floors can be a tricky thing, especially depending on the type. Luckily, we here at SERVPRO of Bellaire know how to do it right. Pictured here is our Heat Drymatic System (the big green blanket). It’s great for sensitive or stained wood floors as it applies a consistent head over a large area.

Board Up

Board Up

After the neighbors house caught on fire this customers home was also affected but not nearly as bad. The neighbors house was completely destroyed. One of the many services we offer are board ups of broken doors and windows to prevent the elements from continuing and further damage.

Fire Odor

People who have never had fire damage to their property do not know that strong and lasting odor associated with it. It is quite pungent and SERVPRO of Bellaire has the right equipment to not only mitigate the physical damage from a fire but also to remove the odor. This customer had lightning strike their home.

Kristina (Owner) at National Conference

Our owner Kristina at the national conference in Sacramento posing by one of the big large loss response vehicles. She had a blast and brought new ideas for making the business run better for the office and our customers!

Pack Back

After cleaning and creating an inventory of this customers belongings, they are being loaded back on to the truck to deliver back to the clients home. We take extra care to carefully and digitally inventory everything! With special cleaning techniques and ozone procedures we ensure clean and clean smelling items!  

Storm Flooding

This property was vacant and after a storm came through it left major damage. You can see that the drywall is cut at 4 feet as the waters reached over 2 feet. You can see the large dehumidifier and the many fans pointing in different directions to accommodate faster drying. 

Late Night Accident

Here is Llaron, one of our technicians responding to a midnight call for a broken sliding glass door. Remember, if it's broken glass or a city wide emergency SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson is "faster to any size disaster".

Soot Cleaning

Soot cleaning is a tedious and time staking endeavor. Each pass with a special sponge is just that. A new sponge must be used with each removal swipe! This ensures the soot is captured. Oh, and this is done multiple times!

Continuing Education

Over 30 agents and adjusters are keeping their licenses current at our continuing education classes. Held every month, Keith Thompson our Business Development Manager leads these classes. We are pleased to provide these services to our community! They also help to inform and educate adjusters on the latest in the restoration industry which can be passed on to our customers.

Room Service!!

When a pipe bursts in a multi-level hotel it can cause major damage not only to the room where the incident occurred but also to the floors below. In this case, 4 floors were affected with multiple rooms. SERVPRO of Bellaire was there in minutes with 2 trailers with many dozen dryers and dehumidifiers. In any commercial application and even more so in hotel and motels, time is of the essence. Remember SERVPRO of Bellaire "faster to any size disaster".

Late Night Accident

Here is Llaron, one of our technicians responding to a midnight call for a broken sliding glass door. Remember, if it's broken glass or a city wide emergency SERVPRO of Bellaire is "faster to any size disaster".

Lunch and Learn May 2018

Keith Thompson our Sales and Marketing Manager led a great lunch and learn for an even better turn out this month for local realtors. It was a great way to meet some local businesses owners and introduce ourselves to the community!

Even the Government Needs Help Soemtimes

Yes that's right even the government needs a hand in unexpected disasters. After nearly 72 hours of a toilet leaking over a long holiday, this government building had have 3,000 feet under water. A call to SERVPRO of Bellaire and not even even 30 minutes later were our professionals at the scene beginning mitigation and remediation. Because of our "Faster to any size disaster" motto we responded quickly and got the job done in less than 36 hours making it possible for the employees to get back to work. Contact SERVPRO of Bellaire with any commercial needs that may arise from a sneaky toilet like this one!

Kitchen Fire

After kitchen fire erupted and was safely contained, SERVPRO of Bellaire was there pick up the pieces. After cleaning and restoring all affected property and helping to detail and asses the damage, the customer was back to living their life.

Mold on Door Due to Pipe Leak

After a slow and steady leak from the attic, this customer was unaware that the resulting damage also developed mold as seen on the door here. The professionals at SERVPRO of Bellaire are here to make it "Like it never even happened."

Annual Golf Tournament 2018

It was a great turnout and we all had a blast!

Avoid Mold Hazards

Give SERVPRO of Bellaire a call to take care of your mold issues. Mold is dangerous and can pose a serious health risk. The professionals at SERVPRO of Bellaire are ready get your property healthy for living again!

Leave the Mess for Us to Clean

Don't be ashamed to call SERVPRO of Bellaire out to give you a hand. After smoke damage caused a headache for our customer we cleaned and restored the property to like new standards.

Water Damage in a College Dorm

SERVPRO of Bellaire arrived on site ready to work and got the job done. We removed the water and dried to facility and had the kids back to their dorms in no time!

Behavioral Hospital Sprinkler Water Damage

After a sprinkler system malfunction, SERVPRO of Bellaire was there to save the day. We quickly mitigated the damage and got the business right back on its feet! "Like it never even happened."

Footlocker in Houston,TX

Footlocker of Houston knows who to call when they want a job done right, SERVPRO of Bellaire. Our team performs cleaning services for Footlocker and many other commercial businesses in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. 

Drying Mat System

SERVPRO of Bellaire was called out to help a customer. That had concerns regarding her wood floors after she had water damage incident. In this photo we are using our drying mat system to extract the water from underneath.

Houston Flood

SERVPRO of Bellaire was called out to help clean up the messy flood damage that happen to a customer overnight. Customer was very please on the quick response and the clean up SERVPRO of Bellaire provided.

Shower Drain line overflow- in Sugarland, TX

Customer master bath room shower overflowed and affected the master room and master closet. Customer called SERVPRO of Bellaire to handle the water mitigation. We were able to dry the area without demolition!

Dishwasher overflow in - Houston, TX

After a neglected dishwasher overflow, customer contacted SERVPRO of Bellaire to handle the damage. The water traveled from the kitchen and eventually affected the whole first floor. We had to rip up quite a bit of carpet!

Water heater busted- in Bellaire TX

Customer came home to ceiling sheet rock in her living room. This is one of the most common forms of water leaks we see. From a busted water heater! She called SERVPRO of Bellaire to help assist her damages.

Flooding damage in Houston, TX

Customer contacted SERVPRO of Bellaire to take care of the repairs in a professional way. After removal of water and the drying process, customer was back to normal and happy with the results.

SERVPRO of Bellaire Mold Customer Houston, TX

This photo was taken during a mold job completed in Houston, TX by SERVPRO of Bellaire. The mold shown in the photo had spread to several rooms in the customers home. 

SERVPRO of Bellaire Customer Storm Damage in Houston, TX

This customer experienced a storm related water loss damage to their property in Houston, TX. The homeowner called SERVPRO of Bellaire to restore the property and secure the contents before repairs could begin. 

SERVPRO of Bellaire Customer House Fire

This is another photo taken when the SERVPRO of Bellaire team arrived at this customer's home post fire. The photo shows the extensive loss caused by the fire. The team worked to salvage as much as possible for this family. 

SERVPRO of Bellaire Customer House Fire

This photo was taken after SERVPRO of Bellaire arrived on the scene of a customer's property after a house fire. The damage was extensive, but the team did everything they could to salvage as much as they could for the family. 

SERVPRO of Bellaire Customer Minor Kitchen Fire

SERVPRO of Bellaire handles all types of fire loss and the skilled team is able to restore properties with minimal property damage to preloss condition, "like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Customer Experiences Fire

This is a photo of a SERVPRO customer's home after they experienced a house fire in the kitchen. The team helped this property owner by cleaning smoke damage and restoring the property.

SERVPRO of Bellaire Customer Pottery Barn Houston, TX

Pottery Barn of Houston knows who to call when they want a job done right, SERVPRO of Bellaire. Our team performs cleaning services for Pottery Barn and many other commercial businesses in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. 

SERVPRO of Bellaire Commercial Customer Experiences Water Loss

SERVPRO of Bellaire got a call from this Foot Locker location after they experienced a loss when the upstairs bathroom flooded. The sheet rock in the Foot Locker space was affected, but the SERVPRO team restored the property, "like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Bellaire Customer Experiences Water Damage in Houston, TX

This photo shows the SERVPRO of Bellaire team drying a customer's home after they experienced a water related loss. The team uses dehumidifiers and fans to dry out properies after water loss. 

Happy Flood Customer - SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson

This photo shows a happy flood customer from out sister location SERVPRO of Galveston Island / Lake Jackson. This customer was very impressed with the work completed by SERVPRO and he was very happy to get back to his life, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Customer's Extensive Mold Problem

This photo shows potentially hazardous mold spreading on the kitchen cabinets of this SERVPRO customer's home. The mold spread to multiple rooms, before SERVPRO received the call from the concerned customer. 

Mold Containment

These SERVPRO of Bellaire technicians are learning how to properly hang mold containment. This is an important part of mold remediation as this contains mold spores and other potentially hazardous materials. 

Go Texans & Cowboys

We support both of the Texas teams at our office.

Sales Marketing Rep

Keith has been with SERVPRO of Bellaire for 4 years and he has been in the restoration business for many more year.  Keith is an asset to the SERVPRO team and he is great with customer service.

Green Ready

Green Ready provides asbestos and lead abatement that are primarily focused on a safe and healthier environment. Using environmentally safe products makes us green and being available 24/7 make us ready. Green Ready can handle any size abatement. If you need any lead or asbestos abatement work done please give Green Ready a call 281-342-1972 or visit us at

Annual Golf tournament.

Members of SERVPRO enjoying the Annual Golf tournament.

"Like it never even happened."

Once SERVPRO of Bellaire is done with the job it will be "Like it never even happened." It is not only our slogan but it is also our philosophy! We really do believe in it!

Crew Training

SERVPRO of Bellaire production crew hard at work training. In order to stay on top of the most efficient ways of doing what we do, we hold weekly training on all things from safety, equipment, process and procedures and new things the industry has to offer!

St Luke's Methodist Church

This is the front of St. Luke's Methodist Church. The church called SERVPRO after experience a major water damage. The SERVPRO team sprang into action to help restore the property that serves the community, "Like it never even happened."

St Luke's Methodist Church

St Luke's Church Methodist Church called SERVPRO after they experienced a water related loss. The team of highly trained professionals at SERVPRO quickly restored the church, "Like it never even happened."

St Luke's Methodist Church

SERVPRO of Bellaire customer St. Luke's Methodist church experienced a major water loss affecting the main sanctuary and this hallway. The photo above shows the hall while the SERVPRO team took the necessary steps to restore the church to it's preloss condition. 

St Luke's Methodist Church

SERVPRO of Bellaire customer St. Luke's Methodist Church experienced a major water damage loss which affected their sanctuary. They called the SERVPRO team and we were able to restore the property, "Like it never even happened."

Wylie Hail Storm

These photos taken by the SERVPRO Bellaire team in Wylie, TX after a severe storm there pounded the area with nearly baseball size hail. Hail this size can cause significant damage to properties and cost owners and insurance companies tens of thousands of dollars. 

Luckily, when property owners experience a loss due to damaging storms and hail like this the SERVPRO team is ready to spring into action and return affected properties to normal, "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO is a trusted name in the restoration industry, and saves insurance agencies and homeowners alike time and money when they experience an unexpected weather related loss. 

SERVPRO of Bellaire Helps Cypress, TX Cleanup After a Major Storm and Flooding

SERVPRO of Bellaire was ready when residents in Cypress Texas experienced major flooding last year that shut roads down for several months. Closed roads and major flooding did not keep the team from restoring these homeowner's properties. 

Wylie hail storm damage

This SERVPRO customer's home was damaged during a storm in Wylie, TX. The storm produced rising water, hail and high winds. Cars and homes in the area sustained damage from the storm. 

Biohazard Job

These members of the SERVPRO of Bellaire team are suited up to begin work on a biohazard job. The team professionally handles these situations which can be extremely difficult for the families who experience them. 


The SERVPRO of Bellaire warehouse, where the tools necessary to help homeowners return to life "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO of Bellaire is extremely organized and prides itself on keeping an organized warehouse so they can quickly handle jobs. 

Mold Job

SERVPRO of Bellaire completed mold remediation for this Galveston, TX apartment complex. Mold can cause many health problems and has to be handled properly. The team professionally handled this potential health hazard to keep the families that live in the units safe.